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Durable Countertops, Backsplashes & More in Langley

At Langley’s Q.C. Design Quality Cabinetry, we’re proud to provide counter fabricating in Langley, Surrey, Vancouver and the surrounding areas. As a practical and durable product used for countertops, backsplashes and more, we are able to create an indefinite style for your business with this preferred and exquisite material.


We offer various types of countertops for every room. Whether you want quartz counters in your bathroom or Corian® counters in your kitchen, we offer:

  • Avonite, Corian® and Karadon are some brands we fabricate using our exclusive system to bend, mold, and shape products into flawless finishes.

  • Design options range from contemporary, functional to artistic curves and rounded corners creating a sophisticated high-end statement.

  • Seamless backsplashes, inline, and under-mounted or bevelled sink counters are common features of this versatile product.

  • The completed finish is non-porous which makes this surface resistant to most stains, bacteria, and mildew.

  • Incorporate counters into your kitchen, bar, medical practice, dental clinic, pharmacy, reception area, office desk, etc.


We welcome you to contact us with any design consultations you may require. We serve Langley, the Lower Mainland, as well as a majority of areas in Canada and the United States.

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